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The Imagination Tree, FASCA is dedicated to the advancement of education. Children learn by example! By providing environments that arecreative, inventive, and artistic, we will encourage our children to channel their energy to reclaim leadership in science, technology, and the arts.
Children have great sense of curiosity about their surroundings. They are full of enthusiasm and passion and are always wanting to learn, explore, and express their creativity. We strive to share and cultivate their love for science, technology, and the arts.
We offer affordable after at school programs for students from pre-K to 12th grade.  You choose the Imagination Tree, Foundation for Academics, Science, Computer science & the Arts© (FASCA), when you want to build and take home robotic toys, scientific projects, architectural models, and various art projects you can build yourself. You choose FASCA programs when you want your mind to expands and your imagination to thrive.
Since 2009 the Imagination Tree, FASCA has been partnering with Loudoun, Fairfax, and Arlington county public and independent school systems to offer enrichment programs. We work closely with Parent Teacher Associations and after school program directors to develop programs that are entertaining and stimulating. We feature FASCA programs that are centered around Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Art (STEAM) curriculum. 
We use the latest equipments, devices and programming software to our classes. Our students range from pre-K to 12th grade. furthermore, to ensure that our students benefit from our programs we only work with knowledgeable and experience teachers. We provide one teacher for every 6 students; one of the highest teacher to student ratios known.
To schedule a meeting with our program director, please send an e-mail to